Dr. Simion Kipkemboi Omasaki

Simion Kipkemboi Omasaki is the acting Deputy Registrar (Resource Mobilization and Innovation), Kisii University. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Animal Sciences (Animal Breeding and Genetics) from Wageningen University (Wageningen, Netherlands) and a Master of Science degree in Animal Sciences (Animal Breeding and Genetics) from Egerton University (Njoro, Kenya) . Dr. Omasaki has vast experience in public, private and university teaching, administration, and management, having risen to the current position from the Production Manager, Kenchic Company, Kenya, teaching and the Chairman of the Department of Animal Sciences at Kisii University.

Currently, Omasaki is actively involved in various research activities:

Consultant for World Fish Centre, with the key responsibilities of reviewing the available literature on genetic improvement programs in East Africa and prepare an assessment of capacity for the management of genetic improvement operations of the selected public and private sector hatcheries in East Africa and develop a set of options and recommendations for the design of a genetics improvement programme(s) for the East Africa region. 

Developing Breeding Programme for Smallholder Nile Tilapia Famers in Kenya, Sagana Aquaculture Research Institute. Dr. Omasaki is among the Principal Investigators for Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Project (KCSAP) Research Funds – Applied Collaborative Grants, a project run by Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO), Egerton and Kisii University. TITLE OF THE PROJECT: Development and promotion of insect-based feeds to sustainably increase productivity, income, and resilience of fish farming in Kenya. 

Consultancy Services Provision for National Agricultural and Rural Inclusive Growth Project (NARIGP) Project Value Chain Development for the County Government of Kisii, Kenya. Dr. Omasaki has also played a key role in the acquisition of a Dairy Milk cooler Plant, for milk bulking at the University for the purpose of training, research, and value addition from the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development, Kenya.