‘Leadership for Africa’ scholarship programme for Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and South Sudan

The DAAD has launched its new scholarship programme “Leadership for Africa” with funding from the German Foreign Office. The programme supports master’s degrees at German universities, with the exception of the subjects of human, veterinary, and dental medicine and public health, as well as law, art, music, and architecture. (Deadline: 02 July 2021)

For more information, please visit the website: http://www.daad.de/lfa and https://www.daad.or.ke/en/leadership-for-africa-scholarship-programme-for-ethiopia-kenya-tanzania-and-south-sudan/


DAAD Scholarships  Kisii University- Research and Extension Office  DAAD Msc and Ph.D. Scholarships in Fisheries (16 Msc Scholarships& 8 Ph.D. Scholarships)  (Msc-approximately 

KES 2,456,000, PhD KES 


African Development Bank (ADB) Scholarships Kisii University Research and Extension- Scholarships tenable at the Faculty of Agriculture Msc and PhD Scholarships in the aforementioned courses  26 Scholarships (16 Msc and 10 PhD)

(Msc- approximately 

KES 2,456,000, PhD KES 5,915,000)

National Research Fund School of Agriculture and Natural resources and School of pure and Applied Sciences Msc and PhD Students  KSH.14,818,194