DAAD Scholarships  Kisii University- Research and Extension Office  DAAD Msc and Ph.D. Scholarships in Fisheries (16 Msc Scholarships& 8 Ph.D. Scholarships)  (Msc-approximately 

KES 2,456,000, PhD KES 


African Development Bank (ADB) Scholarships Kisii University Research and Extension- Scholarships tenable at the Faculty of Agriculture Msc and PhD Scholarships in the aforementioned courses  26 Scholarships (16 Msc and 10 PhD)

(Msc- approximately 

KES 2,456,000, PhD KES 5,915,000)

National Research Fund School of Agriculture and Natural resources and School of pure and Applied Sciences Msc and PhD Students  KSH.14,818,194