Our Research Profile 

Kisii University aims to be a leading University through academic research and social welfare. In order to promote research welfare and engender a vibrant research culture amongst staff and students, facilitative frameworks are being formulated at the university. The frameworks are equally geared at strengthening the university’s innovation and extension function and implementing its objective of commitment to social welfare by facilitating linkage between research output and community development. To this end, the university always establishes linkages with other international and local Universities on various programs. 

These programs entail staff and student exchange, mentorship programs, and joint research activities. The University further aims to contribute to the achievement of academic excellence by promoting the integration of research results and teaching. Staff and students are thus encouraged and supported to enable the University to compete with peer institutions and be ranked amongst the top Universities in Research consultancy, Innovation, and Extension.

Kisii University recognizes that Research consultancy, Innovation, and Extension form a necessary and vital part of its function as a University. Through its policies and practices, it seeks to encourage the pursuit of excellence in research and innovation that is undertaken and the extension efforts emanating from these efforts. The university further supports areas that demonstrate or hold the promise of showing excellence in research, innovation, and extension. The University has set a research agenda to conduct basic research that will provide a basis for developing new knowledge and applied research that will contextualize prevailing knowledge in the different academic fields which are relevant through defined research categories.


The mission of the department of Research, Extension, Innovation, and Resource mobilization at Kisii University is to sustain the production of high-quality research and consultancy and dissemination of knowledge, skills, and competencies for the advancement of humanity. 

This is achieved through the provision of research-based results for fields of Agriculture, and environmental conservation, Science, Information Communication Technology, Socio-Economics and Culture, Law and Governance, Education, Health, and Community development. This premium of research is embedded in the University’s strategic plan.


To create a conducive environment that promotes excellence in research, extension, innovation, and resource mobilization at Kisii University 


The REIRM department seeks to:

  • Grow research, consultancy capability, and capacity
  • Ensure strong research-teaching nexus
  • Link research and consultancy to wider societal responsibilities.
  • Increase and allocate resources to facilitate productivity and reward excellence.
  • Establish research and consultancy clusters/centers of excellence.
  • Enhance institutional status and mission.
  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with donors 


To enable the achievement of excellence by the research community at KSU, the REIRM department focuses on the following core activities: 

  • Research
  • University Consultancy
  • Linkages
  • Extension/ Community Outreach
  • Capacity building in Research and Extension 
  • Organizing Seminars and Conferences 
  • Promoting High-Quality Publications
  • Exhibitions